Saturday, September 24, 2016

[Eng Sub] HKT48 8th single Bonus Content Type-C

Watch HKT48 8th Single Bonus Type-C  English Sub Online

Sorry for the wait. Woop woop. Cz i'll be so much busy for 3 days from tomorrow, so i do this one more seriously. I just don't want to delay this great trip for long. So here you go, the last part of HKT48 Trip! BTW, i still can understand Kansai-ben, which is i'm not subbing the night part again. (i know, sorry  T^T  )

There's not much different with the type-B, i still feel like go to some class when subbing this. This time is art class. lol. Not much class there! there's more time where members having fun then being lectured like the other part. And BBQ time ! ! \o/

Anyway, please enjoy this last part of HKT48 School Trip and as i  always said, "I'm Joelicious, and i'm sorry if it not Delicious."

Softsub Here (.ass) -Dropbox

Part 1 >> Here <<               Part 2 >> Here <<

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