Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Some Stuff and Thing I Want to Tell You.

Cabasuka Gakuen Complete Download

So, when I start subbing Cabasuka Gakuen, there's some raw video from Source other than A!O, which is I want to change. Why? Because the timing are messed up with that video ofc.

Below are the link for it.

Soft Sub : Drop Box
Hard Sub : A!O

For the raw, you can download it from A!O as well. Just search "Cabasuka Gakuen" and pick the NTV version. Rather than Hulu version, I change all timing so it's matched with the NTV version.

Upcoming Sub

So, there's some people ask me, what show I will sub next?
As you know (or maybe not), I am just merely a HKT48 fans. Yeah, after Takamina graduated, I lost my interest on AKB48. Not that I throw it away, I just didn't follow them as much as before.

So to speak, I most likely will continue to sub only HKT48 related videos. I'm quite interested with NGT48 new TV show, but I don't know someone who willing to QC it if I do work on it, since there's rare subber who following NGT.
Well, who knows if something interesting happen outside HKT that I want to sub, who knows. xD

Some people ask me to sub Tofu Pro Wrest. I'm sorry that I can't do that. I have zero interest on it, even there are Sakura and Harupi there.
Some ask me to sub Paruru drama, Sakura drama, etc. To simply put, I'm not doing sub for a certain member only. Why? What I want is to share the whole group to people, not a certain member. Since that member who got their personal drama are usually already well known. Bear with it ^^

Donation Link

For your information.
The true thing is that I am a Freelancer. I have no main job and bla bla bla. I don't want to speak about it afterall. xD
Simply put, I did this subbing work because I like it. It's my new hobbies that I want to do more.
It's not that I hope for it, but if you like my sub and want to support us by donating, you can donate to us :
by PayPal to : maria.olivia.as@gmail.com
or you can click the images on the right side (gadget).

 ps: Since it's my sister Paypal account, if you're donating to us, please tell me, by twitter message (Joel_icious92) or by email (joelicious92@gmail.com) or LINE (patrick_joel92), so that I can confirm it to my sister.
Be my boss, pay me, and I'll work for you all! LoL, Just Kidding xD
If you're donating, your money will most likely'll goes to AKS afterall. xD

That's All. If you have anything to ask, just ask it on Comment section, or those social media I mention above.
Thank You!


  1. It seems there will be a new show with team 8, from the same producer of akbingo. Maybe you could try subbing some team 8 stuff, like this new show or anta roke. The girls are nice and young, but rather unknown, you may start liking them after 2 or 3 episodes.

    Also, there are several unsubbed old shows, like shuukan akb, the first seasons of nemousu, akb to xx, etc. These shows have some great episodes, but subbing them may feel like beating a dead horse (after all, most of the girls have already graduated).

    1. There's an active dedicated subber for Team 8, which is [Team8Lounge].
      As well as AKB48 (So much), Keya & Nogi (As much as AKB), SKE (SKEvolution). I don't know if TEPPEN still active or not, since NMB shows only have Manabukun only.
      Some on HKT, such as Blue and Half, but they're, you can say, hibernating. xD
      I don't know about NGT, they just a new group, so perhaps there'll be some dedicated subber for them too.

      It's not that worth to sub some shows that the members were already graduated. So, I think I'll skip that.

      I hope that answer you about why I want to sub HKT and NGT shows. ^^

    2. I appreciate Team8Lounge's work a lot, but the releases are very sparse.
      Anyway, thanks for the subs.

  2. Why dont you sub "HKT48 Vs NGT48 Sashi Kita Gassen"?
    This show have some greats moments and NOBODY have made english sub for this (Except "Good Enough Subs", but he only sub some parts of the episodes)
    Aaaanyway, Thank you for all the hard work and for the awesome subs :)

    1. Yeah, it's because there's someone already sub it, and Good Enough Sub already sub the most important part of it, I think everyone already know the content of it. Which make me think it'll not worth to make full sub of it. xD
      Maybe the DVD bonus content will be fun, but then again, it's just eating and such.

    2. But the videos are not longer available (I thing he deketed) :(

    3. Well, it's not that he delete them. His channel been taken down from copyright claims. He choose to use Youtube after all.
      I think there's some available sub out there, but not in English.

  3. Thank you for subbing Cabasuka Gakuen..!! You are now my new favorite blog site... ありがとう〜

  4. Thanks for subbing Cabasuka. Will you be subbing Odeke also? Can you do HKT48's old show, where they are magical girls? If there is a link for English subs, can you give the link to me in your comments.

    1. Masterlist : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/13WO-YcaJkph2yu75SwCjEu5DCMC50mZhccureCnwQQA/edit#gid=0

  5. Hi~ I just want to ask if what's the difference between NTV and Hulu ver.? and which one's better? thank you!

    1. Basically,
      Hulu = Stream download.
      TV = Save download.
      Not that much different with it actually. Just Audio that usually different, which TV ver are bit better.
      I use NTV ver. because ep.10 of hulu ver is n/a on A!O, so I change all the timing and make it compatible with NTV ver.

    2. oh okay, thank you so much for the info. Joel :D

  6. How about subbing big projects like documentary? AKB and NMB newest documentary haven't been subbed yet and people are looking forward to it

    1. I have no courage to sub something as big as Documentary. xD
      Not with my rock-bottom knowledge with Osaka-ben and such.
      So bigger group didn't take the project huh?
      I still NG with some project as big as documentary, it's quite hard since even small mistake is unacceptable. And since I not that good with Japanese too, I don't think I can do that.

  7. Thank you so much for the Cabasuka Gakuen subs i really enjoyed watching them switch themes with the drama. I am a huge hkt fan and would love to see some more odekake subbed. But i honestly appreciate whatever you sub because you do it for fun and for the fans which i admire.

  8. good day, how about "NGT48 no niigatta friends"?