Wednesday, September 21, 2016

[Eng Sub] HKT48 8th Single Bonus Content Type-B

Watch HKT48 8th Single Bonus Type-B  English Sub Online

Sorry for the wait. Here i present you the 2nd part of HKT48 School Trip with English Sub. I've been a little busy with real live. Since my close best friend going to married, so i need to do thing here and there and delayed this work.
My personal experience subbing this part, it's just, it look like i've come to history class and cooking class, LoL. And btw, i'm not subbing the night date part too. i still not good at that part, sorry.
Anyway, please enjoy this "History Class" and "Cooking Class" part (lol) and as i  always said, "I'm Joelicious, and i'm sorry if it not Delicious."

Softsub Here (.ass)

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