Sunday, January 22, 2017

[Eng Sub] Cabasuka Gakuen Episode 10 (FINAL)

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Original Air Date : [Hulu] January 7, 2017 .  [NTV] January 14, 2017
Subtitle : English (Streaming + Hardsub + Softsub)

Hello! Finally! This is the last episode of Cabasuka Gakuen. This was a long run! There's some pebbles on the way but, Finally! It's Finished! Regardless of the story and it's ending, it was fun project. Thank you!

Can they save Maji-Jo? If they can, then what about one night date? Who's the one kill Kaori? What happen with that Name Register? Will they continue this season? If they will, will it Cabasuka Gakuen 2? Or is it Majisuka Gakuen 7?

Anyway, without further ado, please check it yourself.
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And as always, "I'm sorry if it not Delicious"
[Special thanks to " HakaTeam - xrahmx "]

Translator - Typesetter - Timer : JOELicious
QC : HakaTeam - xrahmx

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Raw : ( A!O NTV ver.)

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  1. Thanks for all you hard work subbing this show. Looking forward to your future releases.

  2. Thank you so much JOELicious !!!!! It was so funny to watch geeezz ! others like me want a Majisuka Gakuen again because it's really their real stuff ! Hope we can see Mai in it with Nanase because it's done with Sakura it's time to show news faces too !! MG7 ! Thank youuuuu JOELicious !!

  3. Thank you so much subtitling the whole series, I thoroughly enjoyed it :)

  4. From my heart of hearts, a huge thanks to you for this sub. You finished the series, even though I know you were kind of not wanting to finish it. It was such a fun show, much better than I expected it to be, and definitely made me laugh out loud more than a few times.
    I can't wait to see what you sub next. I imagine it will be more Odekake, yeah? Whatever you do, I'm sure it will be awesome!

    1. Well, thanks to you all (watchers) who encourage me to sub it. It won't be this fun without any feedback from you all. ^^
      And thanks to HakaTeam too who help me through all this season.
      Yeah, More likely'll be HKT related. But, who knows? :D
      お楽しみにしてください :)

  5. Thank you for working on this subs and going until the last episode!

  6. JOELicious-san! Can I re-upload your subbed work in our private group? So that I can share them with my friends.

    1. Uhmm, I still working on re-timing (and correcting) all episodes, so the sub will match with those video on A!O. Maybe tonight it'll done. It's fine, no, It's great thing if you're going to share it! But, if you're willing to wait until, maybe 6-7 hours, the sub and vid quality will be better. ^^

  7. Joe-san! will you sub Tofu ProWrestling? onegai!

  8. I'd like to express my deepest thanks to you for finishing this series! Actually to all translators in general, i think it's such a time consuming work you do and you just offer it to us for free which i think is very generous and should be praised. The 48/46 group has been accompanying and delighting me for quite a while now through all the various series just thanks to you guys!

  9. thanks for your hard work joe-san..keep subbing hkt48-things :)