Sunday, November 27, 2016

[Eng Sub] HKT48 no Odekake Episode 189

Watch HKT48 no Odekake #189 English sub Online

Original Air Date : October 27, 2016
Odekake Theme : Make Kyushu to be liven up, Learning from Passionate Man! (Part 1)
Subtitle : English (Streaming + Softsub)

Participating Member : (C)Kojina Yui, Oda Ayaka, Miyazaki Sono, Unjo Hirona, Matsumoto Hinata, Tashima Meru. Tomiyoshi Asuka, Sakaguchi Riko, Imada Mina, Murakawa Bibian.

Hello there~ Another Odekake here~
My 10th subbed Odekake episodes, YEY! (No one cares :v) It's been a one hell week for me. 2 days without internet since thunder striking my internet provider cable, and 2 days HKT48 5th anniversary special! Which take the time to sub this one. But anyway, it's done!
BTW, I'm sorry for not making the Indonesian sub. And I won't make it from now on too. As i see it not that worth. . . (sorry). So, if anyone want to make it, feel free to do it. :)

In this episode? They go to a pro-wrestling place to learn something!? And "that one" member is being turned on with this kind of thing!? Man, it's a good episode. And BTW, the episode before got 6 4th gen members, and here the 4 rest member of 4th gen doing their first task. Can they do it?
Sasshi and Goto-san talk about their Love Live? Now i see why Sasshi can fall for that man before.

Anyway, without further ado, please check it yourself.
Feel free to leave a comment. Share or put it on A!O if you see it fit. . .
And as always, "I'm sorry if it not Delicious"
[Special thanks to " HakaTeam - xrahmx " for helping me to check it]

Other thing except QC : JOELicious
QC : HakaTeam - xrahmx

Softsub [Eng] .ass ( Dropbox )

[I think you can use raw from A!O, but well, i'm not really sure.]


  1. Indonesia sub please...

    1. Sorry, i stop making Indonesian sub for this show. It got harder and harder to maintain the time.

  2. yes min, i'm agree
    indonesia sub pliss but thank u very much for this sub :D

    1. dont push the admin , you dont know how hard it is . just english sub is enough .

  3. Who says no one cares! We care, we HKT48 fans care. HKT48 fans, UNITE!

  4. UNITE! We care <3 I was almost starved to death because nobody subbed anything hkt anymore. Until you came! I'm checking your site daily XD so keep going, I love it.

  5. thanks for subbing odekake, i watched from 1-50 but it stopped there, good thing you're continuing to sub it.. :D

  6. thanks for your odekake Sub
    i Hope you still sub odekake
    thank you very much

  7. been waiting and working for the weekend for an odekake epi,thanks for this joe

  8. thx u very much for subbing odekake
    i really love hkt48 & odekake
    i hope you continue sub this variety show forever :D

  9. It's really great see you picked up subbing Odekake, since the only other person who really did it was Blue and she quit some time ago. Huge love and respect to you for this. I can't wait to see the next episode, since Jiina's alter-ego is cracking me up. And the girl talking about aliens.... she could be a potential member to look out for in the future. Seriously, thank you. We all care, believe me.
    Also, been coming to your site for awhile now. I'm with 48 group talk that airs every week. We would love to have you on the show if you're interested. Or if you aren't, maybe you can just check out my site since I do a bunch of top ten AKB lists all the time. I'll leave the link in another comment if you approve. I don't want to spam your site. Anyways, much, much love to you. Please keep doing a great job with these. You are one of the few subbers left that actually is consistently doing subs. You are DEEPLY appreciated.

    1. I know that 48talk podcast :D
      I watch it sometimes on the DM when I got free times.
      But I'm really sorry that I can't contributing on the show, I got no device xD
      It's just an oldschool laptop + earphone, I keep it enough just to watch, stream, and subbing something.
      I do like to continue subbing maybe until i got proper job on my real live since this "Hobbies" of mine didn't quite make anything, while i'm not even ask anything from this anyway.
      Or maybe until Natsu graduates lol. xD

  10. Thanks for all the sub, I know a liitle more about HKT member after watch Odekade

  11. pls. eng subs for odekake 192-193-194