Thursday, October 6, 2016

[Eng Sub] HKT48 no Odekake! Episode 182 (20160908)

Watch HKT48 no Odekake #182 English sub Online

Original Air Date : September 8, 2016
Show Theme : Saikou Ka Yo Special - Danso Bar and Ninja Makeover (part  2)

Participating Member : Saikou Ka Yo Senbatsu Member

Yuuhuu,, the other work done and served~.
But yet, i'm not really sure about the translation in this one episode.
Well, you can say 70-30 . . .

The continuation from the episode before, this one show you more about ninja lesson. And the one i like the most, Member Lovey-Dovey. LoL. Jiina transform into Jinao, with such mind-blowing outcome, yet Goto-san said "Now i want to throw Shuriken to Kojina". lol.

Oh yeah, since the outcome of previous poll is like this, i'll make it different.

Anyway, without further ado, by all mean, watch it your self.
And as always, "I'm sorry if it not Delicious"

TL, Timer, and other shit thing : JOELicious
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  1. Thank you very much for the sub Joe! Hope to see more!

  2. thank you for the hard work and keep listening to your viewer comment, i really appreciate your effort to make the subtitle

  3. thanks for odekake sub min
    I'm appreciate it and I'm wait for the next sub release :D

  4. You're welcome~ Glad if you like it.
    I'll do other episode(s), if there isn't any other subber working on them.
    At least throw me some cookies or brownies, or maybe a cup of coffee so i can work faster (target : 4 episodes until catch up) xD

  5. Thanks for the sub! I'll be waiting for another one.
    (throw cookies) Good luck!

  6. good job.... i will support....

  7. Thank you for the sub, i'll waiting for another one, Good Luck Joe

  8. sakuraaa samaa
    again thanks for translating this one

  9. Nako is bestest ninja~