Saturday, November 5, 2016

[Subbed] Cabasuka Gakuen Episode 2

Watch Cabasuka Gakuen #2 English sub Online

Original Air Date : [Hulu] October 30, 2016
Subtitle : English (Streaming + Softsub + Hardsub) , Indonesian (Softsub + Hardsub)

Yahooo! Sorry for the wait. Something happen while i work on this episode.
But here you go, your hostess is here!

I won't say so much thing here so i'm not spoil anything before you watch it. xD
But, there's one thing i can really say. Aquarium Bar is Open!

Anyway, without further ado, please check it yourself.
Feel free to leave a comment or share it, or re-upload it as torrent if you see it fit!
And as always, "I'm sorry if it not Delicious"
[Special thanks to " HakaTeam - xrahmx " for helping me to check it]

Other thing except QC : JOELicious
QC : HakaTeam - xrahmx

Softsub [Eng] .ass ( Dropbox )
Softsub [Indo] .ass ( Dropbox )
Hardsub [Indo] )
Raw : ( ) [NTV 720p recommended]

[The chance of mess up subtitle timing while using raw from other source is pretty high]

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  1. Woooo thanks min
    u r awesome (y)
    *i'm still waiting odekake ep 188 sub :)

  2. Thank you so much!

  3. I'm looking forward to the third episode. It's getting much more interesting in a such short time than the other Gakuen series. And Mayu is coming, a plus to keep watching it.

  4. how to download eng sub?