Monday, October 17, 2016

Poll Result

Poll Result and Subbing Update

Long time no see (maybe).
I am going to show you the result of previous Poll that maybe some of you have participated.

First thing first,
I really thanks for you who spent your time to do this poll.
Because, i make sub not only for me, but for watcher, which is you.
So, i don't think i should do whatever i want without your opinion first.

So, here's the outcome.

Since the outcome like that,
I'll do the next sub just like the majority of the opinion.
Which is, i'll do the work just like before.

Since there's some other opinion, such as
"Quality always outweight Quantity", "Look for Editor to check your Grammar" , "Find someone who can do QC for great translation"
Actually, i don't know how to work with that team work. (LOL)
I mean, i just start subbing not too long ago.
And i still learning how to do this work more efficiently,
While i think, the more i do this sub work, the more i'll become better to do this.
Which is why, please bear with it, until the time come.

But as the opinions said,
It doesn't mean that i'll ignore the rest of 16.4% of it.
I will, i'll give more time to re-check maybe about 1~2 days.
So, the release wont be delayed so much, and can come out 5~6 videos every month.
Since i believe that the more i do it, the better it will,
I'll do my best not to delay it longer and make it better at the same time.

Thank you for all your opinion!
Really, i appreciate that.
To make this place a better place. Since without watcher, my sub is nothing.

So, the subs will continue,
And as always, "I'm sorry if it not delicious"


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  1. Thanks for you to the continue to the sub min.
    Thanks to your sub until now :)